In what geographic area’s do iiSolutions deliver services?

iiSolutions are based on the eastern seaboard of Australia with a reach throughout the Asia Pacific region and the ability to deliver projects globally.

How can we find out more about iiSolutions services and products.

iiSolutions would be happy to provide more specific information to your requirements from a personal enquiry by email or phone. Please refer to the Contact Us page.

Can we engage iiSolutions in a stage by stage approach?

Yes, iiSolutions often work with their clients in this manner, project deliverables are established on a stage by stage approach.

iiSolutions can assist clients in all stages of a project from planning and business case to audit and project recovery if a project has hit difficulties.

Audit & Inspection

What if we don’t have all our infrastructure documented?

iiSolutions can undertake full audits and documentation of your existing ICT infrastructure.

In what formats can you provide audit documentation?

iiSolutions can provide you with details of your infrastructure in the particular formats your require whether that be a full database or individual drawings and data tables such as e.g. MS Visio®, Netzoom®, pdf, csv, MS excel®.

Can iiSolutions provide AutoCAD plans of our infrastructure.

Yes iiSolutions can produce full Autodesk® AutoCAD plans and elevations for inclusion into other design plans and records.

Can you inspect our infrastructure to certain prescribed criteria?

Yes iiSolutions will inspect and audit to an agreed documented criteria. This can be Australian and International Standards or a specific customers own internal standards and requirements.

ICT Design

Are iiSolutions consultants certified?

Yes, iiSolutions is a corporate member of BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International) and our consultants are certified to RCDD status, what some consider the de-facto global certification for ICT designers who specialise in complex voice/data cable layouts.

How are your designs and specifications better?

iiSolutions history and experience comes from the communications cabling contracting and ICT operational management fields, so the company has first hand knowledge of customers issues and problems and how to avoid them.  This knowledge is incorporated into all our detailed designs and makes a valued contribution to a project’s overall success.

Can iiSolutions work as part of a major construction design team?

Yes, iiSolutions often work as the Specialised ICT Designer as part of the Services Design Team. We help our customers by bridging the gap between their ICT operations and the construction team, to deliver exactly what the customer needs.

ICT Management

Can iiSolutions review our existing management processes and provide a report?

iiSolutions can undertake a business analysis of your current ICT operational processes and provide a documented report of the current operational situation?

Can you assist with Business Case development and ROI so we can explain the benefits of moving forward to our business?

Yes, iiSolutions can custom develop a specific business case to evaluate the various options and business wide advantages of improving their infrastructure management systems and processes. Contact us to see what we can do to help you.

Intelligent Infrastructure Systems

Can iiSolutions provide support for their installed solutions?

Yes, in conjunction with our system vendors we would tailor a support package for a customers particular needs and business requirements. This can be periodic or incident based, either on-site attendance or remote web/phone support all with agreed response times and escalation procedures. Just ask for more details and options.

Do iiSolutions provide training for our in-house personnel?

Yes, iiSolutions provide customised system training on your solution for each type of user and their specific role within the system.

Can iiSolutions provide periodic checks and QA inspections to support our people?

Yes, iiSolutions can provide periodic support to help your people get the most from our solutions and to drive more value from the investment.

Can we specify which capacity metrics we monitor and report on?

Yes, your particular reporting requirements will be resolved as from our initial consulting services which establish the data required, how it is captured and reported.

What if we need to integrate other third party applications?

Yes, we do offer third party integration services as part of our intelligent infrastructure solutions.

How can we keep changes and new installations up to date?

Intelligent infrastructure automatically updates common changes in “real time” through it’s SNMP reporting. Any other uncommon changes can be manually added to the database either in-house or by iiSolutions.