Data Centre Infrastructure Management Services

Gain control and maintain it

Successful businesses are in control of their physical IT infrastructure. However, maintaining total control can be challenging in this fast-paced environment in which we all operate. iiSolutions’ DCIM services and solutions helps you to see, understand, manage and optimise what you have, maximising its efficiency and cost effectiveness.

System availability is key to your success

Ensuring all of your systems are available when your workforce needs them is easier than it sounds. Many different factors influence system availability, and iiSolutions can help you to manage those influences and maximise system availability with the right Data Centre Infrastructure Management solution.

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We can scale our service up or down to suit your needs.

Our focus extends beyond the data centre to all of your physical infrastructure – we work across your entire enterprise and deliver real advantage. Your bottom line will benefit from:

  • Proactive management triggers
  • Reduction in manual processes
  • Improved capacity planning
  • Better cost forecasting
  • Improved incident response
  • Increased availability
  • Proven compliance with industry standards.

iiSolutions can provide leading DCIM softwares for your data centres

iiSolutions can provide your data centres with leading DCIM software, including two of the worlds most advanced – iTRACS and Sunbird. We have the know-how and expertise to put into place the perfect DCIM solution for you. iiSolutions has been trusted by CommScope as iTRACS certified consulting partner in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific, ensuring that you are receiving extensive knowledge on the software that will benefit your data centre management.

Delivering tangible benefits to people across your whole business

With the right DCIM solution in place, data centre technicians will have all the information they need available in real-time, and at their fingertips. This allows them to make informed decisions, and to take immediate and appropriate actions with confidence, to maximise the workplace’s efficiency.

Managers can also tap into that real-time data, view reports, and obtain a birds-eye view of who is doing what and where it’s happening. The right DCIM solution puts managers in control and one step ahead. Issues can be identified and resolved before they become problems, and system availability maximised.

DCIM also empowers top-line managers and executives by giving them the information they need to make high-level strategic decisions with certainty.

iiSolutions has the knowledge to help your business to find the DCIM solution that’s right for your business. It will be one that suits you now, and is also designed to foster further success and support your business as it grows.

Is it time you took control of your physical infrastructure? Contact iiSolutions today, without obligation.